These Neighbourhood Characteristics Should Be Taken Into Consideration

So you have decided to plunge into the whole awesome journey of buying a property in Malaysia, it’s no doubt that you have considered the costs of buying a house; the mortgage rate and what not, but one might missed out the most crucial element of them all — Location, location, location.

Buying properties can be problematic if you are not ready for the tasks involved. These neighbourhood characteristics should be taken into consideration

1. The safety of the place

Never compromise the safety of the neighbourhood you choose. Ensure that you research about the safety of the neighbourhood you intend to move in.

You can do this by searching through crime statistics on the Internet and news. The local police can assist you to get a feel for the overall neighbourhood safety, as well as the security measures they have for keeping it crime-free and safe.

You could also drive around the area and see how things are for yourself. If you notice any hints of suspicious and vandalism areas, you might want to research the neighbourhood thoroughly to see if there is anything to be concerned about. But still, you should still look out for ways to keep you and your family safe.

2. Convenience and accessibility factors

Make sure your new neighbourhood is convenient for your activities and is accessible enough. Evaluate how far the location is from your work, university or any other place that you need to regularly go to.

In case you travel a lot, ensure you also consider the distance to the airport or other terminals.

3. Neighbours and Residents

Your neighbours could affect your stay in your new neighbourhood. If the neighbours are friendly, then the community might also be friendly and healthy.

Starting a casual conversation may be a great way to meet those who live in the neighbourhood. Ask your potential neighbours about the community life and what they can say about the place you are moving to. Let there be no mistake that having neighbours are important.

4. Environment features

Before choosing a neighbourhood, ensure that you know what community features are essential for you and also find out the measures they have put to your expectations.

You should consider your personal preferences when deciding on this factor. Whether it is a busy and urbanised locality or a rustic setting, make sure that your new neighbourhood has physical features that will be able to satisfy you and make your stay comfortable.

5. Available amenities and facilities

Make sure your new neighbourhood is close to essential facilities like health centres, gyms, supermarkets and others so as to fulfil your basic needs.

You should have an idea of what facilities and amenities you want your neighbourhood to have. For example, if you have kids, perhaps a school should be one of the facilities to look for in a neighbourhood.

The location of your new home will affect its value and quality, so you should invest enough time to research and find out about your new home as well as its neighbourhood.

6. The features of the place

Ensure that you have an idea of how the neighbourhood looks like as well as what features you want it to have before you select a neighbourhood to live in. This factor will depend largely on your personal preferences. Whether it is a busy and urbanised locality or a rustic setting, make sure that your new neighbourhood has physical features that will be able to satisfy you and make your stay comfortable.

7. Quality schools

Speaking of schools, you must apprehend that the quality of nearby schools may have some a huge effect on the future-selling price of your home. Even if you have no kids and don’t want to, the next family looking to buy your home may be a bit more concerned about the quality of the local school district.

Also, the whole community can be adversely affected by oppressed schools, while good schools may help to nurture a better next generation.

Last but not least, think about how homeowners appear to take care of their properties in general. Do they appear to have pleasure in their neighbourhood? Are the houses preserved suitable, or are there piles of garbage and abandoned cars throughout the neighbourhood? Signs of degradation in the area should provide you with pause when looking to buy a home.

8. Future trends

Do you see indicators of plenty of positive progress close to you, or has the beautiful playground area been replaced by an eyesore such as an unsightly office building or parking garage? Are businesses leaving this area, or is there the guarantee of persistent development and vivacity in this neighbourhood?

Do research on the property and the surrounding neighbourhood because the location will affect the value of your investment.

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